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Hi Emma,

Negatives are considered archival, so number them as you do all archival
materials at your museum. If it's a roll of film, then give the roll one
number and each individual frame a, b, c, etc (eg. SRM.2019.005.001a ). Do
not cut film strips apart. They are more difficult to digitise that way.
You should digitise your film too. Keep at least a high res tiff that can
be made into jpegs or other as needed. Always wear gloves when
handling negatives and photos, the silver emulsion or colour dyes will pick
up fingerprints easily, and you can even remove some of the info if not
careful. Try to handle negatives by their edges only if possible.

For storage, Carr McLean has some very nice options. If it's 35mm film they
have a kit. They also sell sleeves for any size of negative. You'll want to
get an archival box for them too if you go with the plastic sleeves. Do not
get the archival albums since they are not enclosed, so you could still get
dust and debris on the negatives. If your negatives don't fill the box,
make sure to cut a piece of ethafoam to put behind them to support them so
they don't get warped or bent. Henry's carries archival film sleeves as
well, which might be less expensive than Carr McLean. I've included links
below for you. Good luck!


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> Hey there!
> Does anyone have any suggestions when it comes to cataloguing negatives?
> How to store them, how to assign a number to them etc.?
> Thanks in advance!
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