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Hey Emma,

We have just started a large negative project at Point Ellice House so I can hopefully offer some advice!

I have ordered some polyester sleeves and some envelopes from Carr Mclean. The accession number can go be written in pencil on the outside of the envelope. The sleeves are clear so once the negatives are inside they don’t ever really need to be removed unless for digitization.
If they are pre 1920’s I would double check that they aren’t cellulose nitrate negatives as they can off gas and combust. Negatives like cool environments, but if they are of the cellulose nitrate variety they NEED to be in a cool environment or you will have some trouble.

The Canadian Conservation Institute has a big write up on negatives that you might find helpful:


Hope that helps, feel free to email me directly if you have any questions.

Christeah Dupont

Assistant Curator


Point Ellice House Museum and Gardens

Victoria's Historic House Museum


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Hey there!

Does anyone have any suggestions when it comes to cataloguing negatives? How to store them, how to assign a number to them etc.?

Thanks in advance!

Emma Wilton (she/her)
Collections and Exhibits Manager
Sooke Region Museum and Visitor Centre
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