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At the end of August/Beginning of September we are looking for a new forever home for this display case (currently at Steveston Museum, 3811 Moncton Street, Richmond).

Case dimensions:
H76" (could reduce to 75" as the feet are adjustable)

Case description:
Stained wood and glass case with the following features:

-          two height-adjustable glass shelves, one full width, one half width

-          sliding front door with lock

-          built-in fluorescent tube lighting

-          4 adjustable height feet

-          three imitation drawers in the base

-          good condition, refinished about 5 years ago

-          Small plaque would need to be removed

If you are interested please let me know.


Rebecca Forrest
Curator of Collections/Project Leader | Museum & Heritage Services
Community Services Division
City of Richmond
c: 604 314-7037
rforrest at richmond.ca<mailto:rforrest at richmond.ca>

Explore the City's Artefact Collection here!<https://artefact-collections.richmond.ca/argus/Museum/Portal/Museum.aspx?lang=en-US>

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