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 BSAFE™, an online COVID-19 health and safety course for the tourism,
hospitality, arts, and culture industries has officially launched!

Actsafe Safety Association, with support from the BC Arts Council
<https://www.bcartscouncil.ca/>, has licensed a new course from go2HR
<https://www.go2hr.ca/> – BSAFE™. This course aims to provide employees and
managers with a strong foundation in COVID-19 health and safety protocols,
and to assist them in understanding ever-evolving best practices.

If you are from the arts and culture sector, this course is an ideal tool
to introduce the COVID safety concepts to your front of house and volunteer
workforce. BSAFE is 90-minutes in length, fully accessible,and will cover a
range of topics, from COVID-19 conflict resolution situations to actionable
workplace health and safety activities and tasks to identifying employer
and employee responsibilities, and more. At the end of the course there is
a 10-question multiple-choice test, which upon successful completion,
participants are awarded a certificate that demonstrates their knowledge of
and commitment to COVID-19 health and safety.

BSAFE registration is now open to workers, supervisors, and employers who
are interested in completing the course. If you are from the arts and
culture sector, please visit the Actsafe website to register and learn more
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