[BCMA] BCMA Update Regarding December 21 Public Health Orders and the Omicron Variant

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On December 21 the Province of BC announced new public health orders. The
BC Museums Association would like to highlight the following orders that
most impact museums:

*A full list of PHOs can be found here

*As of December 22, 2021*

   - Indoor events at venues
   can only have 50% capacity, no matter the size. This includes events like
   concerts, sports or movies.
      - All spectators must be seated at:
         - Sports events, concerts, theatre, dance and symphony performances
         - Lectures, presentations and workshops
         - Sponsored and ticketed events
      - Restaurants, cafes and pubs
   can have a maximum of 6 people at each table.
   - Fairs, festivals and trade shows can return to normal operations with
   a communicable disease plan.
   - A workplace that has workers testing positive for COVID-19 and public
   health confirming transmission has occurred in the work environment may be
   ordered to close for a minimum of 10 days (refer to this PDF on
   workplace closures

In addition to the PHOs, the Province recommends the following additional

   - Keep gatherings small and only with those you know are fully vaccinated
   - Outdoor gatherings are safer than indoor
   - Reduce social interactions
   - Ensure proper ventilation indoors by opening windows
   - Avoid all travel if you’re not fully vaccinated
   - Follow the current federal travel advisory
   - Stay home if you feel sick

*A Note on the Omicron Variant*

Due to the higher rate of transmission of the Omicron variant, we encourage
members to reflect on their current safety protocols and review current
best practices and safety recommendations.

*N95/KN95 Masks*

Increasingly, experts are recommending
shifting away from cloth masks to masks that provide a higher standard of
protection, like N95 or KN95 masks. This category of mask can provide
better protection due to a more secure fit, greater standardization of
material, and when used correctly, can filter up to 95% of particulate

Due to increased demand for N95 masks and numerous counterfeits being sold
online, it can be challenging to purchase N95 or KN95 masks at this moment,
but if you are able to source them, we recommend providing any
public-facing staff or volunteers with higher quality masks.

If you are attempting to source N95 masks online, the CDC offers guidelines
on identifying counterfeit N95 masks:

If you want to learn more about the difference between N95 and KN95 masks,
you may find this article helpful:

*For the full update, please visit the BCMA Website:
https://museum.bc.ca/omicronupdate/ <https://museum.bc.ca/omicronupdate/>*
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