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Hi Lee,

I am closely following this PastPerfect software thread with great interest. I heartily second your suggestion of having a BC PastPerfect User Group. If a group can get going, we are definitely in!

Thanks for the suggestion,


Bev Kennedy, Vice=President
Agassiz Harrison Historical Society
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Hi Carolyn,


Feel free to contact us at the Sooke Region Museum, we might be able to help answer some questions. I am not aware of any particular contractors, but have often felt that there might be an opportunity to have a BC Users group that could meet virtually and in-person to help each other.



Lee Boyko

Executive Director

Sooke Region Museum


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Greetings from Cowichan -


The Cowichan Historical Society is seeking assistance related to the  PastPerfect Version 5 software used to accession/document museum artifacts.  


Are any of you aware of names and contact information of contractors familiar with this software?  If so, can you please share that information as soon as convenient by emailing me at cvmuseum.archives at gmail.com.


Thank you,

Carolyn Prellwitz, President

Cowichan Historical Society

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