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Hello everyone,

I'm hoping to connect with someone who's familiar with the area around
Ocean Falls and can give some advice on a suitable Indigenous territorial
acknowledgement for the area. Ocean Falls had a Japanese Canadian community
before it was uprooted in 1942, and we want to feature it, and
its relationship to BC's lumber industry, in a map that will appear in a
new version of our core exhibit on Japanese Canadian history. (The map will
include many significant sites throughout BC, but we are choosing a small
number to highlight with descriptions and Indigenous territory
acknowledgements, namely Steveston, Haney, Powell Street, Ocean Falls,
Cumberland, Tashme, and New Denver).

I looked up Ocean Falls on native-land.ca and found Nuxalk and Heiltsuk as
the nations whose territory it is, but would love to speak with someone who
has been part of conversations about suitable acknowledgements for these
particular nations in relation to this area. Please email me at
cnakagawa[at]nikkeiplace.org if you might be able to help.

Thank you!


Carolyn Nakagawa

Education Program Developer

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