[BCMA] Help identifying Chinese Drum.

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We have three of these in our collection (N1,828,829 and 830)
They are identified as drums used in Cantonese Opera.  They came from the Jin Wah Sing Museum Association here in Vancouver and date to 1900-1940.  They came to the museum in 1973.
Our curator Fuyubi Nakamura (fuyubi.nakamura at ubc.ca<mailto:fuyubi.nakamura at ubc.ca>)  probably has more information.  She is away until January 16th.

Hope this helps

Carol E. Mayer PhD., FCMA
Curator – Pacific + Ceramics
UBC Museum of Anthropology
6393 NWMarine Drive
Vancouver BC., v6T 1Z2


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Hello all,

I am trying to properly identify this Chinese Drum we have in our collection. Would anyone be able to tell me what the proper name of this drum is?

Thanks in advance.


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