[BCMA] Registration Open: BCMA Workshop: Four New Digital Tools You Can Start Using Right Now

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Start your new year off right by exploring new digital tools! In this
four-week virtual workshop starting January 27, you’ll get "hands-on"
experience using four free, open-source digital tools you can use to
enhance your museum programs, exhibits, and online content. Each week we’ll
explore a new digital tool, see examples of how these tools are being used
in museums, and have the opportunity to brainstorm with peers about how to
integrate them into your own museum practice. All of these tools are free,
many are open source, and things you can start using immediately.

Tools include:

   - OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) offers everything you need to take
   greater control over the quality and presentation of your online meetings.
   - Twine is an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear
   stories. What does that mean? Well if you’ve ever read a
   choose-your-own-adventure book, Twine makes it easy to make your own online
   - Photogrammetry is the process of using 2D photos to create 3D models.
   While their models don’t offer the same fidelity as more expensive and
   time-consuming 3D scanning techniques, they are immediately accessible and
   - Audacity is a free, open-source audio editing and recording program
   that runs on virtually any PC or Mac computer.

To learn more and to register, visit:
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