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June Conference Tie-in Content Available Now

The tie-in content for our June Event in the 50th Anniversary Conference Series<https://museums.ab.ca/what-we-do/annual-conference/2021-conference-series.aspx> is available now! Don't miss out on the full Conference experience: register here<https://museums.ab.ca/events/event-detail.aspx?ID=e3bf02ef-f95f-4df2-af4a-af42e7beed1c> to access this exclusive content and join the Alberta Museums Association (AMA) for our second event in the Series on June 17.

Tie-In Content

This month, delegates can access pre-session introductions, activities, and resources from our June presenters, get an exclusive first listen to our roundtable discussion with past Executive Directors of the AMA, learn about innovative approaches to engaging museum audiences and virtual programming, and check out bonus conversations with participants from the AMA's Mentorship Program.

Already registered? Access this exclusive content through the June Event Hub<https://museums.ab.ca/members/annual-conference/conference-2021-june.aspx#JE>!

June Event Program

With tangible lessons for museums of all sizes, subjects, and locations, our June Event has a special focus on community-driven innovation in the current virtual sphere and as museums look to new futures in a post-pandemic world.

Click here<https://museums.ab.ca/what-we-do/annual-conference/2021-conference-series/june-event-program.aspx#JEP> to explore the program. Can't decide between concurrent sessions? Delegates will be able to view session recordings from the Conference Event Hub after the event!


  *   AMA Members: $50
  *   Non-Members: $75
  *   Students: $30

Register now and save: rates increase on June 7 for our June Event<https://museums.ab.ca/events/event-detail.aspx?ID=e3bf02ef-f95f-4df2-af4a-af42e7beed1c>! Click here<https://museums.ab.ca/what-we-do/annual-conference/2021-conference-series/registration-information.aspx> for full details about registration options.

We look forward to seeing you on June 17! If you have any questions about our 50th Anniversary Conference Series, please contact Ben Fast, Program Lead, at learning at museums.ab.ca<mailto:learning at museums.ab.ca>.

Thank you to our June Event Sponsors

[Logo, company name  Description automatically generated]<https://onthisspot.ca/>
[Logo, company name  Description automatically generated]<https://hatliegroup.ca/>
[Chart  Description automatically generated]<https://www.historymuseum.ca/>    [Chart, funnel chart  Description automatically generated] <https://www.warmuseum.ca/>
Conference Series Sponsor
Keynote Sponsor
Social Event Sponsor

Alberta Museums Association
Suite 120, 12420.104 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB  T5N 3Z9

learning at museums.ab.ca<mailto:learning at museums.ab.ca>

The Alberta Museums Association is a leader and catalyst for dynamic connections among museums and communities.

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