[BCMA] Hungry for the AMA's June Conference Event?

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Hungry for the AMA's June Conference Event?

We can't wait to see you at the June Event in our 50th Anniversary Conference Series<https://museums.ab.ca/what-we-do/annual-conference/2021-conference-series.aspx>! With only two weeks until our virtual gathering on Thursday, June 17, get cracking (your eggs, that is) and prepare your quarantine snack for our social event. Learn more below.
Cooking for Victory: A Social Snack Event

After a full afternoon of learning, unwind with a snack-filled social event inspired by World War Women, a Canadian War Museum travelling exhibition. Sponsored by the Canadian Museum of History and the Canadian War Museum, join historian Dr. Stacey Barker and museum recipe tester Kathryn Lyons to learn about wartime recipes from the Canadian homefront while you socialize over snacks with colleagues.

Get your snacks ready ahead of time and try out your historic baking skills! The wartime recipe to make your own carrot and honey cookies is available in the attendee-only interactive program in the June Conference Event Hub<https://museums.ab.ca/members/annual-conference/conference-2021-june.aspx#JE>.

Not yet registered?

Sign up now<https://museums.ab.ca/events/event-detail.aspx?ID=e3bf02ef-f95f-4df2-af4a-af42e7beed1c> and save! Remember: rates increase on June 7. Learn more about registration options here<https://museums.ab.ca/what-we-do/annual-conference/2021-conference-series/registration-information.aspx>.

With even more sessions and networking opportunities with colleagues from across the province and beyond, click the button below to explore the digital program for June.

Explore the Program<https://museums.ab.ca/what-we-do/annual-conference/2021-conference-series/june-event-program.aspx#JEP>

Thank You to Our June Social Event Sponsor

Wherever you may be, dive into the history of Canada with travelling exhibitions from the Canadian Museum of History<https://www.historymuseum.ca/exhibitions/travelling-exhibitions/> and the Canadian War Museum<https://www.warmuseum.ca/exhibitions/travelling-exhibitions/>. Through carefully selected images, interpretive texts, videos and objects, our exhibitions tell the military, cultural, social, political and sports stories that have shaped our country.

Où que vous soyez, plongez dans l'histoire du Canada avec des expositions itinérantes du Musée canadien de l'histoire<https://www.museedelhistoire.ca/expositions/expositions-itinerantes/> et du Musée canadien de la guerre<https://www.museedelaguerre.ca/expositions/expositions-itinerantes/>. À travers des images, des textes d'interprétation, des vidéos et des objets soigneusement sélectionnés, nos expositions racontent l'histoire militaire, culturelle, sociale, politique et sportive qui a façonné notre pays.

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[Chart, funnel chart  Description automatically generated]<https://www.warmuseum.ca/>

If you have any questions about our 50th Anniversary Conference Series<https://museums.ab.ca/what-we-do/annual-conference/2021-conference-series.aspx>, including registration options and event information, please contact Ben Fast, Program Lead, at learning at museums.ab.ca<mailto:learning at museums.ab.ca>.

Alberta Museums Association
Suite 120, 12420.104 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB  T5N 3Z9

learning at museums.ab.ca<mailto:learning at museums.ab.ca>

The Alberta Museums Association is a leader and catalyst for dynamic connections among museums and communities.

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