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Looking for a home for some deaccessioned agricultural equipment or items our don't have a home for? We are interested!

We are refreshing some of our outdoor exhibits and looking for the following items in fair to good condition from the 1880s to late 1920s.

*         Full Size Hay Rake with Seat

*         Half Size Hay Rake with Seat

*         Seed planter /seeder, cultivator and plow in one.

*         Horse reins, harness and bit

*         Large baskets and crates

*         Single shovel plow

*         Rototiller

*         Threshing machinery (hay swath turner)

*         Grinding wheel to sharpen tools.

*         Items related to the care of livestock (cows, horses, chickens etc.)

*         Manure Spreader (we have one from the 40s and are looking for something a little earlier)

*         Work benches (could be from a later date - 30s and 40s - as long as they are wood).

We are located in the Greater Vancouver area so unfortunately cannot take any items that are not within a short drive (Lower Mainland) . Otherwise we will arrange for pick up.

Reach out to us at artefact at richmond.ca<mailto:artefact at richmond.ca> if you have something that may fit with what we are looking for.



Rebecca Forrest
Curator of Collections/Project Leader | Museum & Heritage Services
Community Services Division
City of Richmond
604 204-8990

Explore the City's Artefact Collection here!<https://artefact-collections.richmond.ca/argus/Museum/Portal/Museum.aspx?lang=en-US>

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