[BCMA] Gitxsan 'Hands of History' signs: any leads on who did or could produce them?

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I don’t know about aluminum, but can suggest Ornamental Bronze in Richmond.


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Good day, I am an employee of the Province of BC and am partnering with a
Gitxsan wilp on a project that includes recognition signage of territory
holders and cultural education. The Gitxsan wilp (house) Simoogit (chief)
would like to commission a Tsimshian ‘copper’ style sign using the same
format as numerous existing signs in Gitxsan territory referred to as the
‘hand of history’ http://www.hazeltonstourism.ca/hands-of-history.html. It
appears to me they may be cast aluminum, about ½ inch think with raised
lettering, border and adzed style marks. I have checked with the local
government (Hazelton and Regional District of Kitimat Stikine) who all agree
it was a regional district led project but no one knows who produced them.
Any leads on who did, or could, produce this style of sign would be most


Best regards, 

Aaron Trowbridge

Aaron.Trowbridge at gov.bc.ca <mailto:Aaron.Trowbridge at gov.bc.ca> 

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