[BCMA] New episode: BCMA Climate Action Podcast Series EP05: Online Misinformation and Disinformation with Yimin Chen

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Mon Jan 24 15:40:56 PST 2022

In this fifth episode of our ongoing Climate Leadership & Action for
Museums podcast series, we speak with Yimin Chen, a PhD candidate in
Library and Information Science in the Faculty of Information and Media
Studies at the University of Western Ontario.

His research examines the communicative practices of online communities and
cultures, with a focus on Internet trolling behaviours and the controversy
surrounding them. His previous projects range from fake news and deception
detection, to library automation, to the impact of political memes on
social media.

In a world choked with fake news and online misinformation, museums have
the potential to leverage the publics’ trust to help communities discern
reality from fiction when exploring topics like climate change. In this
conversation, we explore the history of online misinformation, why some
people choose to act like trolls, and why some online accounts might not
even be people at all.

To listen, or to read the interview transcript, visit:
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