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Hello all!

I just wanted to reach out to let you know that Talent MATCH has updated the GLAM Student Recruitment Guide to help you find students studying subjects relevant to working in galleries, libraries, archives and museums. You can download it here: https://acewilbc.ca/wp-content/uploads/formidable/3/Simplified-recruitment-guide-for-GLAM-v2.pdf

While the Talent MATCH program is wrapping up and one-on-one consultations will no longer available, the resources on the webpage will remain to help you to hire students from post-secondary schools across BC. Be sure to visit the page to find information on wage subsidy programs, a job posting template, tips on mentorship, as well as the GLAM Recruitment Guide. In January, we will be adding a Business Program Recruitment Guide as well. Find Talent MATCH here: https://acewilbc.ca/talent-match/

It was such a lovely experience supporting so many employers from the GLAM sector and to have met many people at the BCMA & BC Heritage Conference in November, as well as throughout the program.

Happy new year!

Debby Reis (she/her)

Project Manager, Talent MATCH program

TalentMatch at acewilbc.ca | debbyreis at uvic.ca | acewilbc.ca
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