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Hi Pascale,

At the Britannia Mine Museum we use a booking platform called Zaui.  Pre-COVID it was much more user friendly but the programmers have been able to accommodate us for online bookings.  We to have scheduled tours and the booking platform has been able to accommodate us by having 6 bubbles: 4 of which have a max of 4 guests and 2 have a max of 5 guests.  Maximum tour group is 26.  This may not apply to your operation but our tour starts with a train into the mine tunnel.  The train can only seat up to 6 bubbles to allow for social distance.  Any group over 5 has to call for a booking and we then have to reserve more that one bubble.  We also have a cut off of  24 hours that allows us to manage our tours and staffing them.

I also want to comment that the price of this platform depends on your volume.  This made it affordable for us and we have been able to grow with the use of the platform.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out directly to me.

Cheryl Hendrickson
Executive Director
Britannia Mine Museum
604-896-2233 ext 223

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Regarding booking systems, we are currently using Square Appointments, as it meshes with our POS system. It integrates nicely with Google Calendar and is very easy to use. At our level of use, it is also free. It is somewhat limited in that it will not limit the number of concurrent guests. It sends booking information to my cell phone and I can deny a reservation if necessary. You can also deny reservations by making the time block "busy" in Google calendar. I have some limited experience with EventBrite, and found it to be a good system.

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Hi everyone
I'm the new programming manager at Carr House, Victoria, B.C. and I'm looking to get some insight into what other sites are using as their booking software. At the moment, we're only open for tours by appointment and are having people book using our GoDaddy website but we're having some trouble with the way it handles bookings. I've seen other sites using Eventbrite and was wondering if anyone had any feedback on that site, or recommendations for others.
Pascale Halliday
Carr House

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