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The ACA Professional Development Committee has posted a series of online workshops<https://archivists.ca/EmailTracker/LinkTracker.ashx?linkAndRecipientCode=UOjOK88d0G%2bbfhQVMHltNyCsWHOSTalLa%2bn3dyrmY4d3BV%2f2SETz2t5M%2bsjoDV4Z8z%2botePQ%2by9DSfk7N6Pp8sNJEA%2fktFl7%2bk9OHFS%2f1LY%3d> that will take place during the fall and winter 2021-2022.  The second workshop will take place as outlined below.

Date:  September 29, 2021

Time:  12:00 pm ET/ 9:00 am PT

Duration: 2 hours via Zoom.

Fees:  Members: $ 40.00, Students: $ 20.00, Non-Members: $ 60.00, Subsidized: $ 0

There are still available subsidized spaces, please contact the Secretariat<mailto:jo.mccutcheon at archivists.ca>.

Conjuring the Spirits of Success - Heritage Wins the Day

A look at how to successfully develop heritage material from your archival collection. Focusing in on four types of organizations we show how successful strategies are really a matter of knowing your customer and providing the convenience of access:

1) Large collection, many partners

2) Large collection, few partners

3) Small collection, many partners

4) Small collection, few partners. Examples are taken from across North America, Europe and Africa.

Specifically how to maintain the balance with preserving the integrity of mission statement and collection with the needs of partners and our clients.

Dave Evans, archivist of the LCBO for thirty years. Author of fiction and non-fiction. Former chair of the Government Special Interest Group of the ACA and the chair of the Government Section of the SAA.

Learning Objectives

1) Project Management - Principally attendees will learn to manage projects with partners. The skills needed to preserve the long term viability of the organization will be shown in the context of real world examples of archives;

2) Cultural Heritage Management;

3) Networking and collaborative development of the collection and organization.
12:00 PM EDT

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