[BCMA] The Maritime Museum of BC Withdraws from the Langford Development Plans

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News Release  
For Immediate Release  

30 March 2021 

The Maritime Museum of BC Withdraws from
the Langford Development Plans 

The Maritime Museum of BC has
made the decision to withdraw from the cultural development plans known as the
Pacific Maritime Centre with the City of Langford. The unprecedented situation
with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has created an economic climate that no
longer makes it possible for the Museum to proceed. 

“I want to take this
opportunity to thank Mayor Young and Langford council for their tremendous
support of the Maritime Museum of BC,” said Jamie Webb, President of the
Museum. “Langford offered the Museum land and municipal staff support in the
effort to provide the Museum with a permanent home. Langford’s innovative and
bold approach to this development is greatly appreciated.’ 

“The City of Langford looked
forward to welcoming the Maritime Museum to Langford, however we understand and
support their decision to seek out a waterfront location.” said Mayor Young. “We
wish them all the best with this project moving forward.” 

Like many other non-profits,
the Museum has felt the strain of the pandemic and has had to focus on maintaining
their operations. The Museum believes in Langford’s bold vision to develop a
cultural complex that includes a performing arts centre and strongly supports
them in this initiative. 

Since the pandemic hit in
March 2020 the Maritime Museum of BC has shifted its programming online and has
created new digital exhibits. While those virtual initiatives have been
successful, the Museum is looking forward to a post-COVID tourism boom and
welcoming more visitors back into the city. In the meantime, the Museum Board
is actively seeking opportunities for a new museum location in downtown
Victoria, ideally on the harbour. 


For further information,
please contact:  
Jamie Webb, President  
Maritime Museum of BC  
 mailto:lohrwebb at shaw.ca?subject= lohrwebb at shaw.ca  
    mailto:info at mmbc.bc.ca             

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