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Hi Brandon,

The comments came in the form of 'comments' on our museum's social media posts, from existing followers who happen to be First Nations. Many First Nations people here are Ktunaxa, and the last comment was on a post about a Ktunaxa writer and her work.

Thanks, everyone, for great conversation points.


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Hey just looking for more context towards these comments; who are they coming from/how are they being communicated?

I often encounter the word traditional in land acknowledgments, knowledge holders, and culture also practices.

Again just trying to understand it all


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Hi all,

I hope you are well.

Twice now, the Cranbrook History Museum has received comments on our use of the word 'traditional' when referring to 'traditions' of two separate Indigenous tribes.

This was the last comment: "It still is Ktunaxa territory, traditional is past tense and means of erasure."

Does anyone have thoughts and do you have references for them?
I will acquiesce to and am happy to receive consultation from any Indigenous leader(s) in the field.

Thank you!


Eileen Kosasih

Visitor Experience Coordinator

Cranbrook History Centre

info at cranbrookhistorycentre.com<mailto:info at cranbrookhistorycentre.com>

(250) 489-3918

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