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Dear Melissa and Nakusp and District Museum ,
I am a conservator, but with only a basic textile knowledge (archaeology,
social history and ethnographic particularly metals and stone)  and I am in
Hong Kong, with children in BC, contemplating joining them. If Canada lets
me, my wife and kids are Canucks, I'm a Brit.

You don't say how damaged the textiles are by the pests, So  if damaged I
would find a conservator,  as  there might be fraying warps and wefts  and
you do not want the situation to get worse, normal dry cleaners are not
used to damaged museum artefacts , ICON the British Conservators
organisation, has a find a conservator section. CCI your equivalent is very
good, do they not have that feature ?  I found this

Is your insect pest invasion over ? As we do not want to return the' food
to the dormant predators '

Yours sincerely
Paul Harrison FIIC

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> Hi Everyone,
> One of our dresses, made out of silk, wool and cotton, was recently
> attacked by pests and I am looking for suggestions on how to proceed with
> having it cleaned. Does anyone recommend a particular company where this
> item could be sent to for cleaning?
> Thank you, in advance, for your suggestions!
> Melissa Koftinoff
> Curator/Manager
> Nakusp & District Museum
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