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I’m sure Bev’s message resonates with all - my heart goes out to all those involved with the Lytton museum for their many losses in a community that is so central to BC and it’s history.  Joy

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Hi Everyone,

I cannot express my sadness enough at the fire that devastated Lytton yesterday. I am so grateful that residents were able to flee and get to safety with just a few minutes warning. I know you can rebuild and become a lovely little village again. I mourn with you at the loss of homes, your hospital, school, restaurant and many other businesses and structures.

As your important and enjoyable museum was in the centre of town, I fear it was destroyed also.  If we, in the museum community, can assist you in any way to start all over again to tell your history and showcase your heritage, please let us know. Reach out through the BC Museums Association or to others in the field and we will help.

As they say, “stay strong Lytton” tears are falling all over the province of BC and Canada.

Best Wishes,

Bev Kennedy
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Agassiz Harrison Historical Society
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