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Artist Paula Nishikawara calls this exhibition a museum intervention.
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Immersive art exhibition at the VMM explores the problem of plastics in our
*On July 29, 2021*, the Vancouver Maritime Museum (VMM) will launch a new
exhibition by artist Paula Nishikawara called *If I Lived in the Ocean*. In
what the experimental artist calls a museum intervention, the exhibition
examines human impacts on marine environments with an emphasis on plastics
in the ocean.

“Addressing our relationship to plastics in the ocean starts with
understanding who and what we are and acknowledging that we are not
separate from or above nature and the natural world,” says Nishikawara. “We
must examine the anthropocentric attitudes that are disrupting the
ecosystem and food chain and use our higher faculties to create more
harmonious environments.”

*If I Lived in the Ocean
*is an immersive environment made with bamboo poles, jute sacks and massive
beds of kelp made of waste plastics interwoven with traditional Japanese
gyotaku art to create a hopeful environmental message.

Initially the museum approached Nishikawara to show her gyotaku prints,
which are prints made using fish. Nishikwara’s gyotaku work has travelled
throughout the U.S., Canada and Australia as part of a Smithsonian
Institute Exhibition. She has also shown work in the USA, Germany, Nigeria
and Canada. Nishikawara proposed an exhibition that challenges audiences to
examine their relationship with the ocean. Curator Duncan MacLeod
enthusiastically agreed to the concept.

“If the recent heatwave in British Columbia has shown us anything,” says
MacLeod, “it’s that climate action is urgently needed. It is our hope that *If
I Lived in the Ocean* will inspire audiences to advocate for ocean

*If I Lived in the Ocean* will be on view at the VMM from July 29 to
October 24, 2021

The VMM is hosting a *private launch for this exhibition on July 29 at 6:30
p.m.* The evening will include an amphibious performance piece by the
artist. Media is welcome at the launch. *If you would like to attend,
please email marketing at vanmaritime.com <marketing at vanmaritime.com>. *

For more information about Paula Nishikawara, visit the artist’s website.

For more information about the Vancouver Maritime Museum, visit the museum

Paula Nishikawara and Duncan MacLeod are available for media interviews.

*Media Contact*
Melanie Jeffs
Marketing Coordinator
marketing at vanmaritime.com

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