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RPATC will be hosting awareness and educational seminars for museums, art
galleries, and heritage/cultural sites on drone based technology services.

These workshops (held online via Zoom) are structured to enhance the
knowledge of those who would like to use drones for site or event promotion
activities, videography and mapping of historic and cultural sites, museum
exhibits, and for youth programming (such as applied learning in the STEAM
education fields or additional museum based activities). Drone videography
can be captured both outside and inside a museum or heritage site (see
links below for sample videos).

Attendees will have the chance to ask questions and gain clarity on all
areas related to the use of drones, certification processes, legal
regulations and liabilities, establishing internal drone operations,
contracting out to external parties, and applications of the technology
within the museum/heritage-site context.

The registration fee for workshop attendance is $85.

This rate is significantly reduced pricing available only for these

Registration is accessible online through RPATC’s eLearning website called
RotorBrains™ (links below) or via response to this email.

September 22nd Workshop Registration

October 6th Workshop Registration

Please note that RPATC is not attempting to sell drone flight services,
rather this is an awareness campaign to improve understanding of the
technology and its potential benefits for museums/historic sites, as well
as an appreciation of legal and safety implications, so that organization
executives and boards can make informed decisions when considering the
application of this technology and any potential engagement with external

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Training and Consulting (RPATC) and RotorBrains™

Thank you,

Dylan Grymonpre

Chief Instructor

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Training and Consulting (RPATC) and RotorBrains™

https://RotorBrains.com <https://rotorbrains.com/>
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